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Financial Services

As traditional institutions and fin-techs strive for growth and to improve margins, reducing complexity and optimizing operations is imperative to delivering differentiated experiences. We help our clients to achieve this through a digital mosaic of disruptive technologies and partnerships with leading platform providers – empowering them to deliver hyper-personalized financial services that are valued by their customers.


Transform with Analytics to build the digital enterprise of tomorrow

We help banks and financial institutions digitally transform their businesses and improve operational efficiency, optimize costs, mitigate risk, build agile regulatory responses, and create superior digital experiences.

Acunor Analytics Consulting, with its extensive experience across the data and analytics lifecycles, drives businesses to address transformation challenges. We provide cutting-edge solutions, including Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, data insights, and predictive modeling for optimal business outcomes.    

Our Approach

Our suggested approach when it comes to the consulting exercise is to understand the current state, identify changes required, assess feasibility in transforming to the new setup and prioritize the solutions that enable transition to new state.


Understand the business context and current ecosystem

Stakeholder Assessment

  • Identify the stated & unstated needs

  • Current challenges faced

Identify & propose changes to enable transformation


  • Assess the feasibility of transforming to the new state

  • Assess the gaps in data availability, tools capability and adoption practices



  • Define a prioritization framework to evaluate the analytics solutions

  • Draw up a roadmap for implementation

  • Design a framework to measure the benefits of the solution

Business Analytics

Business analytics plays a crucial role in formulating ways to improve business strategies, operations and make smart data-driven decisions that lead to a competitive advantage.

Organizations accumulate massive amounts of data from sources such as BizOps, social interactions, and sensors. Acunor Analytics helps companies harness the power of big data, build automated solutions and provide insights that lead to sustainable advantage.

Acunor Analytics’ approach involves using our established DAP (Discover, Assess, and Prioritize) Framework to draw up a roadmap for addressing gaps and implementing a best-in-class analytics practice.

Our business analytics and big data insights have helped companies improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase competitiveness, and effectively trade-off risk against available opportunities.

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