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Managed Services

Accelerate digital transformation and improve productivity with a powerful combination of engineering skills and proven capabilities.

Acunor's Managed Services delivers strategic business operations across the enterprise. Our team of highly-skilled and trained professionals, combined with the use of the latest advancements in technology and process, allows us to provide more effective and efficient outcomes. Shifting strategic business operations to Acunor increases your ability to focus on accelerating your organization’s priorities.


Fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration and growth starts with a solid IT foundation designed for speed and agility.

While IT infrastructure, applications and business processes grow more complex, it’s critical for businesses to break down barriers and use technology as a competitive advantage. 

Acunor helps enterprises seize new opportunities by providing the skills, expertise and engineering prowess needed in today’s digital world. By understanding how systems, people and processes work together, Acunor enables clients to quickly deploy new solutions and improve performance.

Managing continuous change inherent in cloud solutions and today’s business environment is challenging. It’s not enough to adopt new technology as a one-time event. Real change is ongoing, requiring agility and expertise to capture the opportunities it brings and promises it enables.


We harness the power of digital technologies and our engineering expertise to help companies continually innovate and drive maximum efficiencies. Our Application Managed Services provides innovative, technology-specific solutions for your cloud-enabled managed applications so that you can focus on what matters most to your business - accelerating growth that is dynamic, efficient and cost-effective

Application Support & Management

Acunor’s Application Services & Maintenance helps businesses thrive in today’s dynamic, global, and mobile environment by maximizing business value from existing and new technologies.

Innovate, evolve, and gain competitive advantage by transforming your application performance.  

We help modernize your applications portfolio to reduce costs and improve business agility

  • Application Development
    Reduced cycle times, and project risks and costs while maintaining high-quality delivery. Application Modernization

  • Application Modernization
    Enhance application flexibility, improve business alignment, and reduce TCO. Application Support & Maintenance

  • Application Support & Maintenance
    Improve productivity, reduce maintenance costs, and maximize service levels

Our difference

You know where your business needs to go. We can help you take it there and keep it there—with the precision to get it right the first time. In addition to supporting your core ‘keep-the-lights on’ functions, we can help you navigate with strength and resilience and experience a better way to change. Capture the power of your applications through an approach that brings together the user, the application, and the business.

This is the new value equation, and it has the power to change everything.

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