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Pega Upskilling

Acunor's Pega Upskilling  program gives you the skills to join the fast-growing industry of low-code automation. Learn how to build powerful applications, get certified, and keep your skills current with our Pega certified instructor-led resources.


Hyperautomation for accelerated  Digital Transformation

Hyperautomation is automation at speed. It’s a combination between technologies that allow faster application authorship (like low-code and no-code) and automation technologies that coordinate different worker types. Both are essential in the new decade. Businesses will want to deploy workers more efficiently, and they will want to invent new work patterns faster.
The world has changed. Tomorrow’s enterprise will need agility, unification, speed, and collaboration. In a word, it will need hyperautomation.

Pega Upskill Program


  1. 8 Week Program

  2. Real Time Projects

  3. Lifelong Coaching

  4. Production Ready on Day 1

  5. Access to Pega knowledge base

  6. Access to industry leading practitioners

  7. Developed with inputs from Industry leading consulting organization 


What makes Acunor Different

Coaching from industry leading practitioners 

Our coaches work in world's leading consulting companies and are fully certified in Pega. They continuously engage with other industry leading practitioners and actively participate in Pega Developer Network to contribute to Pega Developer community.  

Collaboration with leading organizations 

We develop our programs with collaboration and input from industry leading organizations. We continuously fine tune our curriculum to meet the ever changing digital demands of businesses. 

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